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Laundry and Inventory Management

Laundry and Inventory Management

The linens are sometimes the biggest hurdle to a chaos-free flip! Stains, broken machines, missing items; it’s a VERY BIG variable we like to skip by always bringing the fresh laundry into each flip. The bags come counted with everything the team will need. This also takes the extra effort off the cleaning staff so we can be sure everything is fresh for the next guest. Yolanda, our in-house laundry expert inspects the incoming bags, treats, and counts, setting up for the next flip. We can turn bags around in 24 hours if you are quickly expanding and need the items at other properties. 

  • Private Laundry at Our Facility

  • Tagging Client, Property, and Size

  • Purchasing and Loss Control

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Our Company

Vacation Property Gnomes help vacation rental owners remove the chaos from future client’s check-in so they can focus on their business and life.  We know how all-consuming this business can be! Launching in 2010, VPG started as a call for help from a property owner/renter with 6 large beachfront properties in need of help to get their properties hotel ready.

Head Office

1215 NE 17th Court, 1B, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

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